Tais replies to parent’s questions:

  1. Why should I choose Tais?

Tais is a school recognized by the Italian government. We offer an American curriculum, enriched with the international and intercultural experiences of our teachers. Our staff strives for academic excellence at all times so that your child is guaranteed to receive top-notch education at all levels.

  1. We are an Italian family, why should we choose an american education?

There are several reasons to choose an American education over an Italian one.

1. The first obvious benefit is the language: a child who is immersed for several hours a week in an English speaking environment will easily and naturally absorb the language, gaining a fluent and strong command of its written and oral form.

Our students typically become fully bilingual and their proficiency in English greatly surpasses that of their peers in Italian schools.

2.The second reason is that the curriculum offered at Tais is a child centered and challenging one that focuses on the child’s personal abilities.

3. Last but not least, the best universities in the world are in English speaking countries and the highest level education is offered in English in most countries.

  1. What about my child’s Italian language skills? Would he/she have trouble transferring to an Italian    school or continuing in an Italian university?

At Tais our qualified and experienced teachers ensure that the children’s native language skills are fostered through daily accurate lessons, starting in first grade, so that our students do not fall behind their peers in Italian schools.



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