Tuition fees for English first language speakers and JFC Dependents (Academic year 2016-2017)

We encourage non residents and JFC Dependents to request an appointment to discuss fees with the Principal's office staff. Telephone: 081 762 2800; 081 570 7272 E-mail: 

COURSES                                                     ANNUAL                              9 INSTALLMENTS

Pre- Kindergarten and                        € 3.105,00                                 € 345,00

Kindergarten Program

Primary Education                                € 4.860,00                                 € 540,00

Secondary Education                           € 4.905,00                                 € 545,00

Admission fee*                                      €   190,00

BOOK FEES                     

Kindergarten and Pre-K          €    95,00

Primary                      €  205,00

Secondary                 €  260,00

Not included are ; Italian Books, Cambridge Books Registration and book for “Spanish course” other books if needed.

*students who have attended the academic year 2015/2016 are free of Admission fee

TAIS Programs Registration

A € 200,00 deposit must be paid at the moment of submitting the application form.  The deposit will be returned: 

  1. At the moment of underwriting the registration contract.
  2. To the notice of pre-emption withdrawal, which must be communicated in writing within 30 days from the date of registration and no later than August 21, 2016.
  3. Upon notice from TAISNNAPLES of non-acceptance of the request of admission.

PLEASE NOTE. TAIS NAPLES reserves the right to refuse entries at its sole discretion and to notify within 30 days from the date of submission of the request of admission. 

On acceptance of the request of admission a registration contract will be signed between the two parties. 


The Admission fee*, a € 250,00 annual down payment and books fees must be paid at the moment of signing the registration contract.  

Method 1

The full annual fee can be paid by September 10, 2016. In this case, an 10% discount will be applied on the total amount.

Method 2

The annual fee is payable by standing order in 9 equal installments. In this case, no discount is applied on the 9 monthly installments. Payment must be made by the 10th of each month, from September to May.


Siblings:  10% discount for the second child. 15% discount for the third child onward.

As stated above: a 10% discount will be applied on the total amount of the annual fee if paid by September 10.

Please Note:   The discounts listed above are combinable. Graduations are free.  For students who intend to take the Cambridge ESOL exams the cost of the examination fee  is not included in the TAIS fees.