Education in the early childhood program is aimed at the children acquiring and developing knowledge and values.  It should promote each child’s development and learning, and a lifelong desire to learn.  The curricula of the classes are carried out using research based strategies that are clear, relying on the child’s in initiation and engagement.  The curriculum components are developmentally appropriate and tailored to reflect each child’s interest and home culture.  Children are taking their first step in the learning process and constructing their own knowledge through interactions with the world around them.

Download the Parent Handbook for the Early Childhood Education and the full Curriculum for the Preschool in .pdf.

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School Supply List for pre-K/Kindergarten

  •  1 complete change of clothes (to be left at school for emergency) 1
  •  1 box of baby wipes 1
  •  1 box of tissues 1
  •  2 boxes of crayons 2
  •  1 pencil box 1
  •  1 box of colored pencils 1
  •  1 box of pencils 1
  •  3 large erasers 3
  •  1 pair of child safe scissors 1
  •  4 glue sticks 4
  •  4 small copybooks (small  1st grade lines) (Kindergarten only) 4
  •  1 large math copybook (large squares) (Kindergarten only) 1
  •  1 small geometry copybook (small squares) (Kindergarten only) 1
  •  1 Large hardcover copybook with lines 1
  •  1 package of labels to label copy books 1
  • 1 package of play doh 1
  • 1 box of watercolors
  • 1 thick document folder



Distance Learning
Resources for Pre-k

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